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Photographer Focus

Do you want to be seen? Here is your chance to be featured on FE Photo! Each month we are going to select at least one photographer whose images we think show talent to be featured on our site. We are not trying to get money making professionals for this monthly piece. We are simply looking for people who are making great images and are will to be in the spot light.

Below is a link to an online questionnaire. Fill in the information and take a look. We are not taking entries from the website only but this is a convenient place to enter. So keep positing images where you post them and we will keep looking around.

*Note: There are no monetary prizes or gifts for those selected nor is there any fee to enter. All information collected will be used solely for the purposes of selecting photographers for the monthly feature and producing an interview about the persons selected.

*Note: The questionnaire is a set up through Google documents. If you are uncomfortable with providing information to us through the Google documents services then please do not. If selected you will be notified.

Registration Form

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