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A Good Word From Mr. Scott Bourne

February 3, 2010

Scott Bourne often says great things and offers great tips about photography but today he in his post “Share the Love” he hit a home run my way. He said that when he started in photography he received a lot of discouragement, he was told it was “just a phase” he was going through. Then comes the big hit:

More than 37 years later, I’m still stuck in that phase. And part of the reason is that just at the right time, here and there I received a tiny bit of encouragement from just the right person.

What ever your business what ever your trade it is still the same you need a little bird in your ear saying, “Jia Yo Jia Yo” as the Chinese say it or as we say, “keep going.” The phrase, in Chinese, literally means add gas or oil. In other words keep that fire fueled don’t let it burn out. You have come this far don’t pull up short! Inherent to the phrase is, You are doing well. Keep fighting.” Whether winning or losing there is something to be finish a goal to meet. We all need encouragement to achieve our goals.

We all need encouragement to achieve our goals! We all need to be told, “Job well done!” SO go share it! Tell someone you love they are doing a good job! You never know when you need it and you don’t know how much they may need it now.

Share you love.

Please check out Mr. Bourne’s full article and many more great tips at

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