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FE Challenge #1: Shallow Depth of Field

December 22, 2009

Recently a friend of mine, Joe, got a new camera in preparation for his son being born. He mentioned that he would like to learn how to take photos. I figured we might as well learn together. When I asked him about this he suggested we do a regular photo challenge.  From Joe’s reccomendation the Front Element Photo Challenge was born.

Each week we will set a challenge that each of us will have to meet. To complete the challenge we will select on photo that meets the critteria. The criteria can be anything from a photography technique or the demonstration of a particular rule of photography to something abstract like capturing an idea. No matter what the challenge the point is to take the camera out and make an image. Furthremore, I hope that with each challenge we are spurred to think about photography and learn something new.

I set the first challenge as follows, “Take two photos that demonstrate how depth of field can be used to improve a picture.” Sadly, I was asking too much of my self and we settled for demonstrating shallow depth-of-field; when only a narrow slice of the image is in focus.  I set this challenge so Joe could get familiar with his camera. The results are below:

Joe’s Image

Kyle’s Image

Useful Links:



Next weeks challenge: A Christmas Night


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